Organize my first trip / photography workshop

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or 2019 the idea is this:

Organize my first trip / photography workshop.

Street photography, travel and documentary photography.

I have already held two workshops in 2016 in Pesaro and Milan. They were classic street photography workshops held in the city with participants from not far away. What I dream instead of doing for the near future (the hope is to make it in 2019) are journeys / photo workshops in places not beaten by mass tourism.

I’m not inventing anything, there are already many proposals similar or equal to what I have in mind. In 2018 I also participated in one of these workshops held by Maciej Dakovicz of the In-Public collective. This workshop is added to those in which I participated in 2014 and 2015 with Alex Webb and Jonas Bendiksen of the Magnum Agency.

I said the little beaten destinations: my dream would be Afghanistan : I’m falling in love following the stories of this instagram account

Maybe that’s why I’ll have to wait a few years not so much for my fear but for the responsibility of leading a group of people.

The second choice in this list of places of desire is represented by Bangladesh . Photographically from what I see is extremely rich in situations and points of interest. To be able to organize an Italian group of 5 or 6 people to this country I should first visit it: this rule probably applies to every destination that I intend to propose then for 2019 the countries that I could propose are Israel, Georgia, Jordan, Ghana, Ethiopia, Thailand, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Mexico, Morocco, Usa.

to be continued ….

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